iYogi India


iYogi, one of the leading technical support companies, provides round-the-clock tech services to consumers and small businesses. Setup in 2006, iYogi has by far, served over 3 million users across 11 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the UAE. The company has achieved good customer satisfaction levels by resolving over 13.5 million issues in the lowest turnaround time – the counting is still on.


Quality Tech Support in Three Simple Ways


With a target to help as many customers as possible, iYogi comes up with various platforms to facilitate customers to choose an option of their preference. For instant technical solutions, the tech support team offers three simple ways – remote assistance, chat and phone call. The company is known for offering fast technical assistance to customers without asking them to leave their comfort zones – all they need to do is, connect with our experts remotely and get their issues resolved! Customers can even start a chat session for help fix an error, or can call and get expert solutions over the phone.


iYogi Certified Experts Offer Quality Services


iYogi has over 4,000 tech experts who are collectively resolving approx. 20,000 service request on a daily basis. This is an achievement for the company and iYogi is constantly working on taking these numbers to the next level. Tech support services provided by iYogi range from the setup and installation of devices to diagnostic and repair sessions to resolving software and hardware compatibility issues. Our technicians are proficient in removing virus and spyware from PCs and keeping them free from all kinds of emerging malicious threats. Our experts can also install the latest antivirus programs and update virus definitions, and schedule automated scans to detect and remove any threat that may have made its way into your computer. Also, keeping the customers‘ convenience in mind, the company also offers on-site tech support services wherein the experts visit the customer‘s home or workplace, as required, and accordingly resolves the encountered problems.


Service Plans as Per Requirement


There are two iYogi service plans that you could choose from – Free Consultation and Digital Home Plan.. Free consultation is a one-on-one consultation session for 30 minutes – it‘s available for free and if required, diagnosis session is conducted remotely. The Digital Home Plan is designed to keep devices up to 3 PCs or Mac and 2 mobile devices at their best performing states. Priced at $149.99, the plan also includes TechGenie PC Optimizer License fee valid for 5 years for just $30 and for Mac users, there‘s Support Dock available for the same price and validity. This Digital Home Plan includes everything –from device installation, configuration to resolving technical glitches to fixing other such technical woes.




iYogi‘s only motive is to provide its customers the best-in class technical support at competitive rates. Our team of tech experts is available 24x7/365 days a year, only to keep customers free from technical glitches and happy.


Set-up Install
Set-up & Install
One-stop shop to set-up, install and configure software applications, printers, networking devices, scanners, and other peripheral devices. Fix installation errors & incompatibility issues... more
Set-up Install
Diagnosis & Repair
Diagnose and repair conflicts and compatibility issues with software and hardware running on your computer. Customize the software according to your needs... more
Set-up Install
Virus & Spyware Removal
Instant support to protect your PC from all kinds of emerging malicious threats. Install latest antivirus, update virus definitions, and schedule automated scans...more
Set-up Install
PC Optimization
Comprehensive PC optimization support to make your PC fast and healthy. Clear junk files, delete system registries, update software & operating system, defragment hard drive... more